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Yoga Retreat in Croatia

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"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things."


Join us for an unforgettable yoga experience in Croatia, a small Mediterranean country where all dreams  come true...



Whether you are a yoga teacher searching for the right place to host a retreat or an individual considering to join one,  you are at the right place.


We all need to get away or retreat from time to time so that we could see ourselves from a different perspective and figure out how to make our lives better and grow. Nowadays more than ever.

Yoga retreats are an opportunity to explore our body, breath and spirit. To transform and start living with more awareness and purpose.

And what a better way to retreat than to escape to an exotic destination, immerge into sounds, perfumes and sights of the most beautiful locations, recharge the bateries while spending time in the nature, enjoy tasty and healthy local food and meet new inspiring people.


Yoga and travel really do transform and heal. Come to Croatia with us and see for yourself how a green retreat in this magical country can clear your mind and open your heart to new positive changes! We also have some new worldwide destinations up our sleeves...

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Himalaya with Jadranko Miklec - Yoga, Trekking to Mt Kailash and Panchakarma
2022 - details coming soon!


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