Green Yogi Traveler was created by a group of people that share the same passion for yoga, life and spiritual development. We all have the same dream. Doing what we love and sharing joy with other people. Our common interests and very different backgrounds made us a unique team for the organisation of yoga retreats - yoga instructors, artist and photographer, chef, manager of an adventure travel agency. Our mission is to deliver a unique experience and offer a great balance of yoga, travel, nature, culture and wellbeing.

The brand is operated by our travel agency Eko Explorations d.o.o., for more info about the company and Terms & Conditions click here.




I am a yoga teacher, freelance artist and photographer, utterly in love with nature and life. Yoga has been a constant presence in my life for many years. I love how it transforms me and alows me to transform others in the process. When I feel completely at home is when I am in the forest with my camera. Luckily I am often at home even though I'm rarely indoors. My other passions are vegan cooking, healthy food and living and, of course, traveling.



In theory I am an ecologist but in practice I am an adventure travel specialist. I spent most of my professional life working in and eventually managing a travel agency that organises rafting, kayaking, cycling, hiking and sailing trips in Croatia. The best part of the job was to leave my computer behind and guide nature tours all around the country. Another of my passions are foreign languages that I love to learn from people while traveling. I can say that over the years I became a travel addict. A beautiful addiction that I never want to give up! But all of this fell into place when I encountered yoga that gave meaning to my life and kicked off some amazing changes that continue to happen every day. I met many wonderful people along the yoga path that inspire me, bring positive energy and make my world a happy place:)






I am a professional vegan and vegetarian chef. I enjoy cooking and feeding people, I really love to see happiness on their faces while they are eating tasty and healthy food. Festivals and yoga retreats are my favourite, cooking on this type of events gives me special creativity, freedom and feeling of connection with people.

I am also the leader of a non-governmental organisation specialised in promoting plant based food and ecological sustainability. We collaborate with elementary and high schools and other organizations active in environmental protection and improvement of society. 

My mission is to educate people and to contribute in creating a brighter world for all of us.

I love travelling, hiking and endless hours spent in the forests and by the sea.